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Lecture 2
Lecture 3  Code
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Lecture 5  Cheney Copying GC
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Garbage Collection Background
Garbage Collection Background 2

List of Papers

1. Copy-on-Write in the PHP Language [Sharafat] - Done
2. Design and Implementation of Generics for the .NET Common Language Runtime [Murad] - Done
3. A Survey of Adaptive Optimization in Virtual Machines[Sirat, Nawshad] - Done
4. A Brief History of Just-In-Time [Tamanna] - Done
5. Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Optimizations in a Just-In-Time Compiler [Mohsin, Mazhar] - Done
6. Design of the Java HotSpot Client Compiler for Java 6 [Najmul] - Done
7. Fast, Effective Code Generation in a Just-In-Time Java Compiler [Fazle Rabbi, Shahiduzzaman] - Done
8. Adaptive Optimization in the Jalapeno JVM [Rizwan, Taksir] - Absent
9. The Jalapeno Dynamic Optimizing Compiler for Java
10. A Java Fork/Join Framework [Sakib] - Done
11. The java.util.concurrent Synchronizer Framework [Aashik, Toufique] - Done
12. Myths and Realities: The Performance Impact of Garbage Collection [Israt, Rawshonie] - Done
13. On-the-Fly Garbage Collection: An Exercise in Cooperation [Rawshon] - Absent
14. Multiprocessing compactifying garbage collection[Ishtiyaque, Saquib] - Done
15. Simple Generational Garbage Collection and Fast Allocation [Sifat, Priyanka] - Done
16. Generation Scavenging: A non-disruptive high performance storage reclamation algorithm [Sanjida, Tasnim] - Done
17. An on-the-fly Reference Counting Garbage Collector for Java [Shibbir, Nazmul] - Done
18. Concurrent Cycle Collection in Reference Counted Systems [Papon, Bahar] - Done
19. A Unified Theory of Garbage Collection [Saiyma] - Absent
20. The Measured Cost of Copying Garbage Collection Mechanisms [Dipu] - Absent
21. Software Prefetching for Mark-Sweep Garbage Collection: Hardware Analysis and Software Redesign [Mashrura, Usha] - Done
22. Effective Prefetch for Mark-Sweep Garbage Collection [Suman, Habib] - Done
23. Using Prefetching to Improve Reference-Counting Garbage Collectors [Ananta, Tomal] - Done
24. Immix: A Mark-Region Garbage Collector with Space Efficiency, Fast Collection, and Mutator Performance [Madhusudan] - Done
25. Down for the Count? Getting Reference Counting Back in the Ring [Azad, Tanmoy] - Done
26. Not so Brief Introduction to Java Concurrent Api [Siddhartha, Kaysar] - Done